April 14, 2021 Comedian Maggi Mayfield on The Arty 84 Show – 2021-04-14 – EP 177

Show Recap: Arty and Adam with comedian Maggi Mayfield joining us from Austin Texas. Show starts off with Arty talking about his 1600 dollar Friday night and a PSA to all people not to jump in an elevator. Maggi joins the show on a great note loving Arty's accent, I mean who wouldn't, right ladies? Maggi talks about her start in radio and voice over and some of the places she has worked. She gets into detail about her voice over work with books on tape and some seductive stories she has recorded. All this and much more on The Arty 84 Show. Check out Maggi's web site for her new album and tour dates! www.maggimayfield.com

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