January 3, 2019 The Arty 84 Show – 2019-01-03 – EP 086

  • Show Recap: This is the first show of 2019. We talk about the Packie / Wicked Explorers New Years Eve party that was hosted at the studio. Arty talks about the "Sausage Castle" you tube video. Arty talks about Adam the Woo & Tim Tracker and all he wants to do is watch him all day. Arty talks about when he worked at Pep Boys how he used to crash the parts machine. Fake Christmas trees and how much they suck. This show is brought to you by The Pack [dot] Com http://www.ThePackie.com for all your sports, entertainment and drinking needs, 84 Entertainment - www.84ent.com and Whirl Wind Reports, AKA the poor mans Packie, whirlwindreports.com