August 26, 2020 The Arty 84 Show – 2020-08-26 – EP 147

    • Show Recap: This is week 24 of America's shut down and the boys are broadcasting from their own studios again. As always Adam Mallett and Ryan Glover tonight on this episode we have Chad Briscoe former European Professional Basketball Player invented Ball By Yourself Strap with his 9 year old son. He also is a former College All American from Grand Canyon University. Also on the show tonight we have Author, Educator, Sociologist Jim Blissit III is an author of the Children's book "Whatever Happened to that boy who played Basketball All Night" he also has worked as a a Senior Public Administrator with the Chicago Public School  System. He also has written a few articles on The Packie. 

Chad Briscoe info:

Jim Blissit III info:

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