September 2, 2020 The Arty 84 Show – 2020-09-02 – EP 149

    • Show Recap: This is week 25 of America's shut down and the boys are broadcasting from their own studios again. As always Adam Mallett and Ryan Glover tonight on this episode we have:
    • Loki Mulholland,  an Emmy-winning filmmaker, author, activist and son of civil rights icon, Joan Trumpauer Mulholland. His work has received over 40 Telly Awards and his films on race and social justice issues have won 16 Best Documentary awards. His first book, "She Stood For Freedom" was nominated for the 2017 Amelia Bloomer Award. Loki’s film, “The Uncomfortable Truth” has been viewed over half-a-million times on Amazon. Loki speaks all over the country on issues of race and social justice. He is the founder and Executive Director of the Joan Trumpauer Mulholland Foundation which was created to end racism through education. "Locked In with Loki" -
    • HJ Harris
      H. J. Harris is a retired attorney who attended school with one of the Greensboro 4, participated in the march on Washington and heard Dr. King’s “I have a dream” speech, and lived through the turbulent civil rights era of the 1960s. He is currently available for radio and TV interviews. More information is available at or by phone at 800-570-4009.
    • Linda Washington, A breast cancer survivor, singer, nurse, and author Linda Washington knows firsthand that breast cancer is a disease that extends beyond your body, touching every facet of your life. She knows how, as a result of the disease and its consequences, a happy and bubbly person can change, becoming frightened, secluded, and mistrusting. Linda knows that some of the most trying times of the breast cancer fight can come after the doctors are gone, but the physical and emotional scars remain. Now she is on a mission to help breast cancer survivors in achieving whatever they deserve.

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